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FXO for Asterisk VoIP PBX
  • Authentic X100P FXO PCI Interface for Asterisk
  • Works with Official Asterisk Zaptel Driver
  • 3.3v and 5.0v PCI Slots Compatible
  • Global Line Standards Compatible
  • DTMF Detection and Voice Quality Tested under Asterisk
  • Hardware Timer for Music on Hold, Conference, Trunking, etc.
  • Not a Knock-Off or "Generic Clone"

JS200-FX v2.0 Embedded VoIP PBX Asterisk Appliance with Two FXS + Wifi Bridge Router
  • All-in-one, Turnkey, Custom-optimized Asterisk VoIP PBX on an embedded platform
  • Intuitive system configuration by AcceleratedGUI for Asterisk
  • Native IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange) & SIP VoIP Protocol
  • Built-in Wireless Router Ideal for Small Offices
  • Complete integration of Google Voice with Asterisk

Free Google Voice Calls to The U.S. And Canada!
Google Extended Free Calls services.
Continue to Make free calls with JS200-FX v2.0!
JS-200FX v2.0 Embedded VoIP PBX
Asterisk Appliance Released!

Jumpstarting your VoIP project in a snap! Powerful Asterisk Appliance with Two FXS ports, Native Google Voice Support and More. Full Features List
New & Updated Manual for Authentic X100P SE FXO PCI Interface Card
Installation, UK (non-FSK) CallerID, Global Line Impedance and Troubleshooting Comprehensive Guides
Press Release: Special Edition of Authentic X100P FXO PCI Interface Card Released brings High-End Quality to the Entry Level Market:
The X100P SE
Professional Grade VoIP FXS to FXO Converter Released announces another VoIP Industry's First:
Welcome to the All New!
Apart from the new and clean site design, more user functions are coming soon.
FXS for Asterisk PBX is Here!
After receiving numerous requests, we now carry a FXS Port Analog Telephone Adapter for your Asterisk Box.
World's First Low Profile X100P FXO PCI Card
For the First Time, Low Profile X100P (Standard PCI Profile Convertible) is available Exclusively from!
FXS for Asterisk VoIP PBX
  • New! Built-in 10/100 Ethernet Switch
  • No extra network cabling required
  • Native IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange) Protocol
  • Connects Asterisk to analog phonesets
  • Designed for and 100% Compatible with Asterisk

Digium AA50 Asterisk Appliance S844i
Four FXS & Four FXO VoIP PBX
  • Upgraded with Latest Digium Firmware v1.3
  • All-in-one Turnkey Asterisk VoIP PBX Server with AsteriskGUI v2.0
  • Built-in Router Ideal for Small Offices
  • Increased reliability over PC-based systems; no moving parts
  • Up to 25 concurrent calls and up to 50 users

FXS to FXO Converter Pro
  • Enhances FXS port into an Intelligent, Dual-Mode FXS / FXO Port
  • Programmable and Highly flexible
  • Make or Receive VoIP Calls on the Road
  • Advanced White List Feature, identify user by Caller ID (Bellcore / FSK and DTMF)
  • Compatible with all Asterisk FXS ports (ATA or TDM Cards)

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